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The Original

The e-bikeboard was designed in 2005 by the Swiss engineer Walter Egli. The original model was a downhill bike-like sledge on runners. The next version was a three-wheeled downhill scooter, popular in the Swiss mountains for fun rides. The product evolution finally culminated in the now well-known e-bikeboard version with an electric drive and a carvingswing axle system for ultimate driving pleasure on three wheels.

Original e-Bikeboard

Ever since, the e-bikeboard is being used worldwide to address the needs of different marketplaces. The model Freeliner has been greatly accepted in the disability market, because It is so suitable for people with and without a mobility problem. The Freeliner has also been able to address the needs of a Warehouse or Distribution center.

However, for several years, the e-bikeboard suffered under Plagiarism. The brand name e-bikeboard was replaced by another name and illegally marketed. Only e-bikeboard is the manufacturer of the original “Swiss engineered” e-bikeboard , carrying the EU certificate of acceptance. e-bikeboard solely guarantee professional advice and competent service.

e-Bikeboard Models