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Skyliner 32 or 45 is Suited for Fun & Lifestyle


Skyliner 32 and 45

The Skyliner is due to its max. With max speed of 32/45 km / h - 20/28 mp/h and the carving suspension especially for the Fun & Lifestyle area and increased ground clearance, combined with the soft oscillating axle provide novel curve fun. Equipped with two battery system the full 1300 Watts power can be accessed anytime.

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  • Seat - height adjustable and removable (optional)

  • 1 battery charger per battery

  • Reverse gear (optional)

  • Front and rear light

  • Brake light / speedometer / horn / optional rear view mirror 

  • Cruise control function (optional)

  • Speed program prefix

  • Energy Saving and turbo function

  • Batteries in lockable aluminum case

  • Licence plate holder (optional)