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History of e-bikeboard


The success story of the currently known e-bikeboard began in 2005 in Switzerland.

In History, there have always been visionaries and inventors who were, with their technical developments, ahead of their time. They had the potential to change the mobility of mankind.

Krupp in Germany was a synonym for early modern techniques and innovation. There so-called Autoped build in 1916 was a vision of a new form of mobility. Only 10 vehicles where produced and in 1917 postmen in Washington DC tested them as a delivery vehicle. It come close to the original concept of today’s e-bikeboard.

The Autoped was a scooter with the engine mounted on the small front wheel. The Autoped was produced in England at Imperial Auto Industries Ltd., Krupp in Germany and CAS in Czechoslovak. But the time had not yet come for scooter – 1921 the brand was discontinued.

The basic idea was a three-wheeled downhill scooter which the Swiss engineer Walter Egli designed in 2005. The initially non-driven tricycle, however, showed quickly that the design of the rear axle allowed a new type of propulsion unit. Following a request from the Netherlands Mr. Egli started to provide the three-wheel scooter with an electric drive system.

Autoped Autoped e-bikeboard e-bikeboard

So the three-wheel downhill scooter became the e-bikeboard. With the simplest of means, the first prototypes were completed and the concept of e-bikeboard worked. With the label “Swiss-engineered” and the European car license the e-bikeboard was ready for production. The first generation of e-bikeboard was produced in China. Since the product could convince, the dealer network steadily expanded and the sales figures grew continuously.

The product’s success encouraged the founder to take new in business partners and at the end of 2013 the company e-bikeboard AG Germany was founded.

The new manufacturing side in Karlsruhe guaranties an optimum of production. Also it will enhance Quality and Service . The new Management forces the sales on the international market and install competent distributors. Strong attention is paid to counselling, competent service and maintenance.

The combination of "Swiss engineered“ & "made in Germany“ will stand for outstanding quality.

Swiss Engineering     PLUS Made in Germany     =  Best Quality

Eco Motion Solutions is the North American Distributor of the original e-bikeboard "Swiss engineered" & now made in Germany for outstanding quality.

Our professional counselling will help you to select the proper configuration of the e-bikeboard, (this is not a product to be purchased over the internet) so you are able to realize the benefits the e-bikeboard will deliver.

We also provide competent service and maintenance.

At Eco Motion Solutions our team realizes delivering the right product the first time is one of the aspects of doing good business.  The team will not pressure anyone into a sale.  We also realize what after sales is all about.  The team today is experts at this, seeing they have been customers as well as have their own expectations on how to be taken care of as a customer.