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The Freeliner is suitable for people with and without a physical disability who want to be mobile and take an active part in life. Even with restricted movement and or a balance disorder, travelling is comfortable.

Due to a part time tilt speed limiter to 6 km/h - 3.7 mph, the Freeliner is usable in pedestrian zones and shopping areas, subject to having a disability pass.

The Freeliner due to its speed limitations is also being well received in the Warehousing/Distribution centers within North America.

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Freeliner Features      

20 km / h, reverse gear, silver, low handlebar, comfort handlebar adjustable tilt, wide rigid axle, 8.4 Ah


Starting price $4,140 US

EU Street Legal Yes.  Laws differ from each province and state.
Motor Brushless hub motor, 48/53 V, 500/1300 peak power watt
Battery Pack Lithium-Ion with 56 Samsung ICR18650-22P cells, 58.8V (14S4P) per 3.4 kg,> 8.4 Ah, special BMS with parallel control and individual control of the 5-LED power indicator, lockable aluminum case, quick-change system, extra batteries used in parallel
Max. Reach 20 to 40 km  (12.42 to 24.85 miles ) depending on driving style, twice the range with spare battery
Energy Consumption About 1.0 kWh / 100 km = about 20 cents / 100 km
Battery Charge Time 3h 80%, 4.5 hours for full charge, stopover possible with Charger 3A almost twice as fast
Basic Charger Charger 110 V, 2 A, Schuko
Speed 20 km/h - 12.43 mph
Speeds Adjustable
Cruise Control Function Yes
Turbo / ECO - performance code several levels adjustable
Reverse Gear Yes 
Frame Folding robust aluminum frame with aluminum non-slip checker floor plate
Weight Without Batteries 30 kg - 66.14 lbs
Max. Payload 150 kg - 330.7 lbs
Gradeability ( with 120kg  - 265lbs) Payload > 15%
Brakes Hydraulic double disc brakes rear
Mechanical front disc brake with locking mechanism

Dimensions Folded (LxWxH)

74x63x80 cm - 29.13x24.80x31.49 inches

Built Dimensions (LxWxH)

140x63x120 cm - 55.11x24.80x47.24 inches

Rear Axle Width

60 cm - 23.62 inches wide


26 cm - 10.24 inches

Rim/wheel front

12 "rim with 12 × 2.5" tires

Rim /wheels rear

6 "rim with 12.5 × 3.5" tires - Street

Suspension front

Aluminum central fork

Suspension rear

Swing axle system with monoshock and 2 springs with elastomer dampers

Preset damping

rigid damping


low adjustable handlebar


Key function, lockable batteries

Frame Color

Silver - other colors on request (special order)


Halogen front light 55 watts and LED tail / brake light

Other standard equipment

Display, battery charger / horn / fenders / user manual in local language

Special display settings

Display with onboard computer battery indicator remaining range speed (current, average, max.) Power + speed levels 1-5 Driving sensitivity 1-9 Cruise Control (Off / after X seconds) brightness level of the display number of connected batteries display voltage and other values workshop mode error codes.


2 years on all parts, except wear parts, Battery: 2 years / 700 cycles

Maintenance intervals

First inspection after 300 km or a maximum of 2 months, otherwise at least annually, batteries should be fully charged every 3 months.



Drivers license

Depends on state or province laws


Light Moped

Optional accessories

Quick charger, adjustable tent stem, turn signals, top case, etc.

Shipping dimensions / weight

88x78x60cm - 42kg  - 34.64x30.71x23.62  92.6lbs

Battery certificate

CE, UN 38.3 (MSDS)

CE Approved