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Handlebar Adapter Caddy

Ergonomic Leather Handles

Additional/Replacement Batteries

Upgraded (Stronger) Batteries


Handlebar Adapter Caddy

Part Number: 0211 CA

For mounting on vertical tubes
Ø 25-36mm. Robust body of glass
fibre reinforced polyamide. Especially
well suited for foldable bikes,
scooters, golf carts, wheelchairs,
etc., 7 Kg max.
For mounting on verticle tubes Ø 25-36mm. Robust body of glass fibre reinforced polyamide. Especially well suited for foldable bikes, scooters, golf carts, wheelchairs...etc 7Kg max.

Ergonomic Leather Handles

Part Number: WIE-2501589700

The quality Ergo handles made of genuine leather are automatically shapped and equipped with an extra gel pads. This promotes circulation in the handes.  No seating, no rubber particles.  Extremely weather resistant and evaluates your e-Bikeboard on visually.

Additional/Replacement Batteries:

Samsung Cells - Li-ION Battery,   53 Volts, 8.5 Ah

Upgraded (Stronger) Batteries:

Samsung Cells: Li-ION Battery,       53 Volts, 10.5 Ah

e-Bikeboard Battery Dual Charger

Uni Basket - Silver

T-RaY TopCase Medium - 36 L

1. e-Bikeboard Battery Dual Charger with 2 outputs per 58.8V, 2 A.

Charge time 4.5h for 8.5Ah and 5.5h for 10.5Ah Battery.

2.e-Bikeboard Battery Dual Charger with 2 outputs per 58.8V, 4 A.

Charge time 2.5h for 8.5Ah and 3h for 10.5Ah Battery


Uni Basket - Silver

Most popular meshed basket with comfortable handle and coated surface. Classic high shape.

With elegant handle and continuously adjustable
adapterplate. A cylinder-shaped light
holder allows to mount common battery lights
on the front side.
35x26x25cm, 16L, 1350g
  • Size – 35x26x25cm
  • Weight - 1000g
  • Capacity - 16 liter
  • Maximum load – 7kg


T-Ray Top Case Medium 36L

T-Ray Top Case provides reliable waterproof storage for scooters.


  • Slashproof seals
  • Custom molded inner liner
  • Made from sturdy plastic


    S40 Urban 40L Top Case Black with LED Light


    • Locking lid stays that won't let the lid fall closed accidentally when loading
    • Waterproof seals
    • Hidden carry handle
    • Volume 40 Liters - Suitable for one or two helmets
    • Manual Ley Lock
    • LED Brake Lights
    • Dimension 48 x 44 x 31 cm


    17 Wide Molded Seat Assembly

    Comfort Seat with Backrest

    Attachable Seat Backrest

    17" Wide Molded Seat Assembly
    • Complete Molded Seat Assembly
    • 17" Width X 17" Height X 14" Depth Seat Size


    • molded plastic seat back
    • Seat base
    • both black vinyl seat back and base cover
    • Foam inserts and seat frame



    This saddle is HUGE in stature and COMFORT

    • Rear  elastomer springs
    • Full suspension base
    • Deep grove design for soft tissue protection
    • Steel rails weighs 1776 grams
    • 330mm x 345mm
    • Lycra cover 


    Comfort Seat with Backrest

    Colour: Black


    Attachable Seat Backrest

    Colour Black

    • Designed to offer security and peace of mind for parent and child alike
    • Breathable ergonomic padding for added comfort and support
    • Comes with durable contoured safety-buckle system and strap under-arm support to avoid pinching and discomfort
    • Will fit 25.6 mm and 27.2 mm seatpost with supplied shim

    Rear Wheels

    Front Wheel

    Rear Wheels Off-Road 420/3.50-6" Nobby Tires

      Front Wheel Off-Road Heidenau 12 x 3.0"

      Tear Proof Travel Bag With Rollers


      Can be ordered through Eco Motion Solutions or direct from

      The Walk & Bike Company
      The Walk & Bike Company