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e-Bikeboard Product Overview

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Pack´n GO! Experience The Future Today

Very stable on 3 wheels in combination with the patented pendulum rear axle combine safety with incredible agility and cornering fun

Pack and Go e-Bikeboard
  • 20-50 km range per battery charge

  • Easy - robust - foldable

  • Ultimate driving pleasure with new carving axel

  • Easy handling

  • Secure stand with easy handling

  • EU street legal

  • “Swiss-engineered” und “Made in Germany

The Advantages

Apart from the classic advantages of electric vehicles, the e-bikeboard boasts its own advantages and stands out as impressive from the competition.

Ultimate driving dynamics with new carving axis and up to 45 km / h

  • Three wheels guarantee a safe and stable stand. Certified EU-Homologation for road service

  • With green electricity free of emissions to protect the environment and be 10 cents / 100km inexpensive traveling.

  • Low running costs due to maintenance-free drive

  • Consistent lightweight, yet robust, foldable and with up to 150kg payload safely mobile.

  • “Swiss-engineered” and “Made in Germany”

  • By variable components and extensive accessories, the vehicle can always be adapted to individual requirements.

Continue with "clever" and get one of the most innovative vehicles in the field of urban mobility - experience the future today. e-Smile-factor guaranteed.

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e-Bikeboard Brochure
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